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Unit not working? System is not cooling as efficiently as before? Then, give us a call and we can have an engineer with you normally within 24 hours to investigate your problem. Our highly qualified engineers are experienced in diagnosing and repairing all major brands of air conditioning units and installations irrespective of whether we installed the systems or not.

However we find that at least 60% of emergency breakdown calls could have been avoided had the unit/s been adequately and regularly maintained. To avoid this we offer our Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts for your installed systems which will help prolong the life expectancy of your air conditioning and keep the systems working in A1 condition. It is a recognised fact that a regularly serviced air conditioning unit will have a far longer lifespan and will have higher performance and be more energy efficient than a unit which does not receive regular maintenance.

Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts are 'tailor made' to suit your needs and ensure that your systems are always working at optimum performance levels at what really is very little cost indeed. (and certainly for less cost than your computer system failing from heat overload!)
Our full maintenance plan will keep your equipment in ‘tip top’ condition and will add to the life expectancy of your system and will help with energy costs keeping the system energy efficient. It will also dramatically decrease the probability of your equipment breaking down in the height of summer.

Please also note that we do not need to have installed your original equipment for you to take advantage of our service and maintenance programmes.
Should you wish to discuss your requirements or have any questions in connection with installed air conditioning systems, please feel free to contact us.

To receive information about our Planned Preventative Maintenance service please call us on 0845 617 1710 - we'll be pleased to be of service!

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